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Why not?

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was it hard?


This was embarrassingly easy for me.

  • LibraryThing sent me some javascript
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Dance with Joy
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were there problems?


so what?

  • Staff likes it (especially for Reader's Advisory)
  • When we show patrons, they love it
  • Working with a company like LT is a radicalizing experience
  • We could not have done this on our own or with a typical ILS vendor
  • In many public libraries, it is easy to feel that we're ahead of the user and this is a gentle innovation
  • Pre-fab folksonomy offers a good balance between the trend of big picture resource sharing and small and medium sized libraries needed emphasis on local

what, you want more?

The LibraryThing people are really easy to talk to. Not your typical vendor experience.

I'm happy to chat about this more

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